In my youth I chased all the extreme sports I could – skateboarding, BMX riding, hockey and freestyle skiing. In high school, Cross Country Ski racing and Telemark skiing took up all my free time and gave me the drive to improve myself physically – which led to my enlistment into the United States Marine Corps.

In my 13 years as a Marine, I have discovered that maintaining a high peak of mental and physical readiness has honed my desire to better myself daily. Early on in my career, I picked up Rugby in South Africa, and later played with the Marines where powerlifting/sprints took precedence. Following that I joined a local hockey league and focused on my explosive power and flexibility.

In May of 2011, a good friend of mine, Brian Collins who was training to join the Navy and pursue a career in the SEALs, told me about his new training regimen – CrossFit. Being the highly competitive and confident Marine that I was, I thought “Psshh, how hard could it be?” I was lapped in a 3 round workout by my friend who still had enough energy to chide me as I fought to complete the challenge he had lain before me. After that, I was hooked.

5 years later, I decided I wanted to be that “Brian Collins” to others – and set a challenge for others to partake in. And now Carly and I have a way to pursue our CrossFit dream together, in our venture at TriPark.

I live here in Sacramento with my dogs Dexter and Miller.