TriPark Strength - CrossFit Affiliated, provides an unparalleled fitness experience that positively impacts the lives of our members and community. We understand that members have individual goals and are at different fitness levels when joining the TirPark community, as such, we will adapt our programming to help you achieve your intended goals.

Services Offered:

(1) CrossFit Classes:  

  • We have one of the most diverse class schedules in the Sacramento area! 
  • Classes last one hour and include a group warm-up and cool down stretching.

(2) Endurance Classes:

  • Two days a week we have a running class coached by a certified running coach
  • The class is one hour and is free of charge to our full-time members

(3) Olympic Lifting Classes:

  • Two to three times a month we have a world-renowned Olympic Lifter teach our members
  • The class is an hour and a half and free of charge to our full-time members 

(4) Couch to CrossFit:

  • An option for beginners or for those do not have the time to commit to a full-time membership
  • 9:00am Sunday Class + One CrossFit class mid-week.
  • Weekly programming for at-home workouts
  • Private Facebook Group
  • ** Starts first weekend in January

(5) Nutrition Challenges:

  • We host annual nutrition challenges for our members that are intended to transform their lifestyle.

(6) Community Events

  • We host monthly events for our members and encourage them to bring their friends and families! 
  • Check out our events page to see what we've done! 


It is our goal to help each member become the best version of his or herself. The transformation will be accomplished through CrossFit workouts catered to individual fitness levels and nutrition guidance for our members’ particular goals. Our vision is to create an atmosphere and community that motivates and inspires our members that reaches beyond the gym to influence their families and friends.


Regular Rates

Month to Month Membership - $165

3 Month Membership - $155

4 Month Membership - $145

6 Month Membership - $135

12 Month Membership - $125

Military/Peace Officer/Firefighter/State Worker/Student - $125 Month to Month

10 Class Punch Card - $165

*Couch to CrossFit - $50/month

Sign-up as a couple and receive $10 off per person on monthly memberships. 

A "couple" means two people living in the same household and will use same method of payment.

*Couples Discount does not apply to Couch to CrossFit.