“Murph,” is a workout that most CrossFit Affiliates run during Memorial Day weekend. TriPark will run Murph on Saturday, May 26 (in two heats) and host a BBQ immediately afterwards.

We are starting the workout in Land Park, will run a mile to the gym where we will perform the 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 air squats and then run a mile back to Land Park. 

Family and friends are welcomed! 


BBQ + Screening of Wonder Women - Friday, March 23

On Friday, March 23, TriPark will celebrate the end of the CrossFit Opens with a gym BBQ! Following/During the BBQ we will screen Wonder Women in honor of March being "Women History Month."  

Talk to a coach for more details! 

Bike Fit & Bike Ride - February 4, 2018

For February's Group Outing... TriPark teamed up with Mike's Bikes and took its members on a bike ride through the outskirts of West Sacramento! Those who did not have bikes, Mike's Bikes provided top-end bikes! For those who had their own bike . . . Mike's Bikes ensured they were fitted properly! Such an awesome day! 

TriPark Takes On Sky High - January 14, 2018

Every month we plan a group activity. The first activity for 2018 was an awesome trip to Sky High, where we literally played dodge ball for an hour! #GoodTimes