Carly Cardenas (Stockman)

I began playing sports at just three years old, and I couldn’t get enough! I remember as I got into middle school and high school, I would incorporate my own workouts after practice to improve skill sets or just blow off some additional steam. Being active is instilled in me.

As I got older, I began to understand not only the physical but also the mental benefits from working out. Physical activity became by medicine for stress and hardship. I lifted weights when I felt weak or frustrated, and would run to clear my mind after a long day or just before a final exam.

I stumbled upon CrossFit in May 2012, while looking for a more efficient way to work out while I was in law school. CrossFit classes lasted about an hour and provided exactly what I needed: (1) a planned workout, something I did not have to create on my own; (2) activity that made me physically stronger; and (3) the ability to clear my mind and relieve stress. However, CrossFit brought so much more to my life that I didn’t expect: (1) a better understanding and appreciation of what our bodies are capable of doing; (2) how to properly move in the gym and tackling everyday tasks; (3) a worldwide community and long lasting friendships.

A year after being introduced to CrossFit, I obtained by CrossFit Level 1, and began coaching at CrossFit Natomas (CFN) in July 2013. I have helped friends, family and CFN members become healthy and functionally fit through the CrossFit methodology, and have trained myself and others to be competitive using the same approach.

I enjoy nothing more than  talking health and fitness, and helping  someone become the best version of him/herself. That is why Sean and I have brought CrossFit TriPark to this community! Whether you are trying be a competitive athlete, stay in shape, or taking the first step to live a healthier life, I want to hear about it, help you accomplish your goals and celebrate in the end!